I once was…

But Hey!


I’m still standing!

(After all these years Looking like a true surviver Feeling like a little kid)

Well the kid might not really be the case
When you look at me and see my rusty bones.
But Hey
I’m still there

I’m still here

I’m hanging in 
We’re hanging in.


In praise of all the chronically ill and all those ill. 

Photo taken at the Antwerp Harbor. 
I saw this image and captured it.

It made me think of myself.

As chronically ill we often feel damaged and deprived of everything we love so much.

We grieve and fear sometimes we’re gonna give up.

And sometimes we do.

Most often we don’t.

We keep on facing the storms

we can’t predict.

We keep on standing with our rusty bones.

Just like this river’s old fine railing.

Just like this river’s old fine railing.

Proud and strong.

Like mighty Beacons.

Until the end of our time.


(With a little thanks to Elton John, his three sentences came to my mind just whilst writing this)

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